About Gumrukleme.com.tr


Gumrukleme.com.tr is a team of professionals united in the same goal of building simply the best web site about Turkish customs procedures and regulations. Obviously good knowledge and interpretation of the customs legislations are of utmost importance, that’s where customs consultants come in, yet that’s necessary but not sufficient. So the team has also highly educated and experienced editors to translate contents with lots of technical terms to simple, easier to understand ones. Last but not least, the web site and the social accounts have to be up to date in technical and communicational terms as much as it has to be on knowledge base, thus the computer guys complete the main team.


Gumrukleme.com.tr provides services about foreign trade projects, focusing mainly on the customs procedures and regulations in Turkey. Each year thousands of people and companies are served either on information or physical services bases including transportation, insurance, storage, handling and etc. The physical services can be provided by Gumrukleme.com.tr either as the service provider itself or as an intermediary organizer company standing between the customers and the service providers. In both cases, the aim of the organization is to comfort the customers with the opportunity to be in touch with a single representative no matter where the services are physically provided.


The main objective of the web site was, is and always will be “to keep things straight and simple” for the visitors. Thanks to praise-worthy efforts of the editors on creating original and easy to comprehend content, Gumrukleme.com.tr became a very successful page regarding the rankings on the internet search engines.


Gumrukleme.com.tr family tries hard to keep the page up to date on both information and technical dimensions (this goal is not a destination but a never ending journey), social media accounts are also updated and checked on daily basis (click for Facebook and Twitter accounts). Any feedback that improves “what it already is” is highly appreciated by the whole team.